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By: Meredith (Age 9)
Date Added: 26/11/2006

The black mountain sheep is a moving story about sheep lost in the snow "a perfect read for Christmas" I can't resist saying that her pictures are tremendesly gorgeous and many are in the book. Its good for 8 to adult. Its a very nice story about Llanthony Valley, Wales

By: Sian, Monmouth
Date Added: 22/11/2006

Such a wonderfully quirky Black Mountain world, half real, half magical – with scary bits, humour and hope in good measure. Pictures are totally enchanting. Look forward to the Proper Dragon’s next tale. Cwtch up!

By: George and Iris Jones
Date Added: 22/11/2006

As per Valley Views November, 2006:- "Review of “The Black Mountain Sheep”. This is the first book of a projected series which is called “Proper Dragon Tales” - and where else would you find a Proper Dragon than locally? It is a story to be read to young children which also enchants the adult reader, and provides an absorbing challenge to learners of reading (because the quirky type-face in which the book is produced differs from other print they may have met). Here is mystery and adventure, recent history and magic cleverly illustrated – scenes of farmhouse, yard with tractor, all situated in mountainous countryside near a crooked village, and of birds and beasts including sheep and the story-telling dragon. These pictures are attractive at first glance and have a wealth of detail that repays close study and would provide a variety of topics between an adult reader and his/her small person demanding “Read me a story ­ PLEASE”. This book also serves as a catalogue because all its illustrations are obtainable as framed prints (by order) from Proper Dragon Tales ­ enquiries via the author, publisher and illustrator,  Caroline is to be commended for providing more than a kiddy’s book ­ it may solve the annual problem of sending Christmas gifts! IHJ"



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