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By: Llywelyn (aged 8) Cardiff
Date Added: 05/09/2008

By: Ricky
Date Added: 13/08/2008

Just finished reading Black Mountain Sheep dragon book to my daughter, best kids book by far. Have you got your next book ready yet?   

By: Katie
Date Added: 05/05/2008

Just to tell you your books are fantastic and my favourite pictures are probably the lost lambs and Pickles the pony. I hope you will write another book because both of the others are brilliant!!!

By: Caroline Gill
Date Added: 05/09/2007

My daughter Charlotte had Pickles from Llanthony Trekking on loan over the winter period 06/07. She was so excited to learn that Pickles featured in your book, when she met you at the Ploughing Match. Pickles is a special pony and deserves to be famous! Your book - the story and the pictures - is just beautiful. Also, amazed to read that you lived in Harmondsworth - we lived in Yeading then Ickenham, before moving to Wales 3 years ago! Congratulations and best of luck for the future.

By: Tara
Date Added: 09/08/2007

i was looking through the book the other day and i noticed one of the drawings which was absouloutly beautiful...you really have a talent for drawing and writing.I am looking forward to the book about the dog because as you can guess i love dogs!best 4 the future bye!tara(11)

By: Misti
Date Added: 01/05/2007

hi Caroline i love your books only though ive only red 1 and i come from hawthorn school and loved to meet you i was one of the pupils there who saw you open our libary. thank you so much from misti.

By: molly
Date Added: 28/04/2007

hi im molly and you went to our school hawthorn junior ..... i was deverstated that most of us couldn't see you but my friend tara did...lucky her! we all loved your book and loved the drawing .......i love what the dragon looks like and i love the sheep even though i don't have the book we all just wanted our teacher to read more about the book and what happened to the sheep! .....bye

By: Tara
Date Added: 28/04/2007

I really loved your book the illustrations were amazing i am working on improving my writing in english and hope one day that i may become a writer like you....Thankyou for inspiring me..you can come from a tiny village like me in llandaff and still publish a book....thankyou very much for coming to our school. P.S i like your website. Tara  (aged 10)

By: dianne callaghan
Date Added: 15/01/2007

While l was reading "The black mountain sheep" to my 8 and 9 year old children they were completely spellbound. They interacted really well with the lovely artwork as it reflected the descriptions in the story. Looking forward to the next one!

By: Paula Burrows
Date Added: 30/11/2006

What a fabulous book. I'm not a child and do not have any children, but I just had to buy the book when I saw it and then couldn't put it down. Such a clever, interesting story that can be enjoyed by any age. The illustrations throughout add to the story and overall enjoyment - and being a Lurcher owner myself I can't wait for the next story about Larry the Lurcher. Well done Caroline, keep on writing!





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