Proper Dragon Tales

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The Black Mountain Sheep by Caroline Downey

First Published Sept. 06 reprinted 08. - Priced £12.00 each

Featuring full page colour images

No.1 ‘The Black Mountain Sheep’ is an enchanting story of strange happenings after the sheep were removed from the mountainside at the time of the Foot and Mouth crisis. However it is a tale of hope and regeneration told with lively dialogue by the Proper Dragon who exists in his lovely valley.

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Shadows in the Fforest by Caroline Downey

Published Sept. 07 - Priced £12.00 each - Featuring full page colour images

No.2 ‘Shadows in the Fforest’ follows the capers of Larry long-legs the naughty lurcher-dog where he disrupts the peacefulness of the valley. But he has a plan to put things right and he ventures with Pickles the Trekking Pony into the woods where peculiar and wonderful events send them deeper into the forest.

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Published Sept. 08 - Priced £12.00 each - Featuring full page colour images (Available September 08)

No.3 ‘Secret of the Standing Stones’ is revealed to Gwillim the greedy Billy Goat who suffers the consequences of eating a scrap too many when scarecrow and canvas tent seem to be his preferred feast. His adventure into the sacred circle of ancient rocks presents a challenging time for Gwillim.

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Published Sept. 09 - Priced £12.00 each - Featuring full page colour images (Available September 09)

No.4 'Muds and Floods' is based on the flooding of September 2008. Caroline was inspired to include the events of her experience of the bad storms in this book. The Proper Dragon, who lives in the valley, tells this charming tale following the wild and wet adventure of local rabbits that battled to stop the floodwaters from drowning their homes at Golden Glade Warren.

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Book 5 Cover

Published Sept. 10 - Priced £12.00 each - Featuring full page colour images (Available September 10)

The Forgotten Farm is the fifth story of the Proper Dragon Tales and completes Series One. A dragon, who watches over the area, tells the enchanting tale of a family that inherit a farm in the valley. Making a complete change in lifestyle, they strive to keep it running as a working farm, with all its animals, but unforeseen problems threaten the future of the farm.

Book 5 - Internal Image